Frequently Asked Questions


In the event of any accident involving damage to a vehicle or injury to people, the incident must be reported immediately to the local Gendarme and the rental company In the case of injury to persons and/ or damage to a vehicle, a police and alcohol report must be obtained for the insurance company. If a copy of this report is not obtained and submitted to the rental company the lessee could be liable for the full costs of repairs etc. Damage caused by drunk driving or negligent driving will responsibilities directly to client and all expenses payment by customer.

Fuel Policy

Vehicles are not provided with a full tank on delivery. However we endeavour to provide at least ½ of a tank to get you on your way. Our is based at the Opet Petrol Station which is the first one you will come to when exiting the airport just a couple of kms away. You can fill up here if you wish as it is open 24 hours or at one of the many stations you will find en route to your destination.

On signing over the vehicle, the amount of fuel included will be noted on the hire agreement and it is the responsibility of the client to return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol. There is no refund for unused fuel and if the vehicle is returned with less than given on delivery, a charge equivalent to the missing fuel will be incurred.

Should a client prefer, they may request a full tank of pre-paid fuel on delivery. This should be requested when booking. The vehicle should then be returned empty otherwise there is no refund for unused fuel. Our staff will be able to assist you if you have any queries regarding fuel consumption.

Flight Arrival & Departure Information

When making your online booking, we kindly request that you carefully give us the Arrival and Departure times that are on your Flight Confirmation voucher. Please also include your flight numbers. This information will enable us to track on the live system the actual time your flight will land and to have your vehicle at the airport in time as quite often they land earlier than anticipated

Please do not give us the time you expect to exit the terminal. We are experienced at working that out as it is dependent upon the volume of flight traffic on a particular day. Likewise for your departure, please give us the departure time of your return flight and not the time you will return your vehicle.This helps us to estimate the time it will take to clean and service the vehicle ready fort he next customer.

Late Arrivals

Please do not worry if your ; is due to arrive in BODRUM airport in the middle of the night or the very early hours of the morning. Our Car Hire Bodrum airport team is very experienced at checking actual flight landing times and will meet customers at any time of the day or night. However it is vital that on booking you give us your correct flight number and expected. arrival time in order that we have your ; vehicle ready on your arrival. In the event of a delay, please do not worry as we will have checked your arrival time on the live system.

Traffic Fines

Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period must be paid by the renter. Sometimes these are paid on-the-spot, however, occasionally they are sent traffic fine receipt by post. In this instance, any traffic penalty incurred during the rental period but after the client has left the country, will be charged to your credit card and you will be informed by e-mail with details & fine receipt.

Are my personal details & my email address safe?

Car Hire Bodrum & Onelli Tour store your personal details securely on our server and warrant never to provide or disclose your personal details to any other parties We only send emails as part of the booking process, for necessary communications regarding your car hire.

Drinking and Driving

be on the safe side it is best not to drink alcoholic drinks at all if you are going to drive. Penalties are really severe if you are found to be over the legal limit. A breath test is routinely carried out by the police following any traffic accident. In Turkey the alcohol limits for drivers are quite low.

Is your office located at Bodrum airport?

Our Office is just outside of the Bodrum airport in Shell petrol Garage , but we meet with you at the airport with your name board front of the arrival gate. Our office work 7 days / 24 hours. No problem for late - early arrivals - departures

Parking, Speed Limits, Road Signs and Highway tolls

If you park in a no parking zone, you always run a heavy on the spot fine or your car will be towed away that's why is best to park in car parks in the main resort.

To be safe, stick to the following speeds;
- in the town and city limits, 50 Km/hour
- All roads outside of the city limits, 90Km/hour
- Highways limit, 120Km/hour

Road signs in Turkey are the standard European design. All the main historical sites and places also marked with signs. Signposting for road works is frequently not very good, so additonal care is required. Diversion signs are sometimes not clear and in these cases a map is essential.

What is the smoking policy for Car Hire Bodrum?

All vehicles are non-smoking. Additional cleaning fees will apply if a vehicle is returned in a condition where it needs to be cleaned and deodorized due to smoking. If you are in a rental vehicle that seems to have been smoked in, please contact our customer service team.